In a world..

of contradictions, the two hungry ambitions young people find themselves working good jobs, in good organisations. Perfect Right? Not Quite The trouble for us as co-founders was working in ideal institutions that weren’t quite open to digital adaptation especially as it relates to big data deriving solutions for themselves with the vast wealth of big data they possessed. The solution for the co-founders was to resign!  with a whole lot of uncertainty but with even more determination and by some luck our paths collided when the business opportunity presented itself and we needed to build a prototype and a few DMS solidified that we would be in business together- a coming together of business development and solutions development. 



Our first ever prototype..

was built with very little money. We developed this solution for one of the countries biggest banks (commercial). The prototype was proven to reduce the time Relationship Managers in the bank processed data by ⅓. We invested all we had to build the solution, and we did so in a week, from the ground up putting in focus the bank’s strategy, its data infrastructure and uniqueness of its data; and this continues to be “the Seriti-Standard”- we create our A.I. solutions from the ground up, steering away from generic ‘plug and play’ solutions. Why? Data from two organisations will always never have the same story to tell. Our first prototype earned us our first accolade, “Best FinTech Finalist” in the 2019 Southern Africa Startup Awards. The rest is history! Today we find ourselves as the number 1* A.I. and Big Data company in Botswana and building A.I. solutions and creating Big Strategies that solve our clients business/ operational problems because we put into focus their entire context.


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Leading the firm...

Nomsa Makgabenyana(Ms)

Founder, Business Development, CEO

Kagiso Mpa(Mr)

Co-Founder,Data Scientist, CTO