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Botswana’s first B2B Machine Learning and AI firm. 

Message from the Co-founder

Nomsa Makgabenyana(Ms)

“Seriti Insights has enjoyed incremental growth and changes since the beginning of our journey three years ago.  I am immensely grateful for the support our young start-up has experienced from the business community at large. Because of this growth, we devoted most of 2021 to finetuning our operations, with the goal of ensuring that we are able to live up to the standard that is expected of us. It has also been a great part of our journey to expand our team. None of what we have achieved would be possible without the brilliant talent which makes Seriti Insights ‘the home of A.I.’ and big data solutions. I am personally proud to share that fifty per cent of our team is ‘women-in-tech’. It has been priceless to build amazing products and solutions for our clientele with people that love deep-tech and see themselves as a part of the future Seriti Insights is creating.


The vision of the company remains centred around building and serving our clients end-to-end Artificial Intelligence solutions built for them and their needs.AIn just three years  Seriti Insights has become the number one* A. I company through this vision. It is a goal of mine for Seriti Insights to penetrate other sectors of our economy and see AI adoption thrive beyond the financial services sector. 


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